Power & Water Sector

Our expertis in Power & Water sector in Saudi Arabia and India is more than 50 years. We serve as Power generation company for the energy and industrial sectors. We know how to make sure that even the most innovative energy projects are done right from start to finish We’re already well positioned to meet the challenges of the future, working in collaboration with some the world’s largest power suppliers. Powerrich has been the most preferred and trusted partner of International EPC Contractors and owners in power sector such as GE, Toshiba, ABB, Doosan, Daewoo, Hyundai, TR Engineering, BHEL, JEL, L&T Sumitomo Corporation, NTPC etc .Power plants has been at the core of what we do for more than four decades, and our range of services includes erection, installation, commissioning of mechanical and electrical systems. We are expertise in overhauling of steam turbines, gas turbines, heat recovery steam generators, pulverized fuel fired boilers and auxiliary equipment’s. Powerrich has reckon experience in wind turbine and hydroelectric power plants.


Oil & Gas, Refinery & Petrochemical Plants

We’ve been growing in Oil and gas industry since last two decades as Popular Oil and gas construction company in Saudi Arabia and India. Along the way, in the most challenging and remote terrains on Earth, we’ve built some of the marquee resource infrastructure projects from extraction, upgrading, refining, and storage. The future of oil and gas is increasingly in unconventional and remote resources. This doesn’t deter us. It encourages us.


Steel, Cement & Fertilizers Plants

Steel plants create the foundations of industry. We understand the processes and critical equipment in the steel industry. Utilizing our years of experience, we prepare a plan that allows us to ensure your steel plant construction project will be completed in a timely and professional manner. We are mainly engaged in the installation and construction of mills, furnaces, rolling mills and ancillary equipment in steel plants. Powerrich has successfully executed Electric Arc Furnace installations and testing for steel plants. We are expertise in Erection and commissioning of EAF and entire ladle furnace with electrical and control system. Complete electrical panel installation and testing for steel plant including power, control cabling, earthing, motor control centers, EHV power intake point such as outdoor switchyard or GIS.

Powerrich has experience in integrated Cement plants both in India as well as overseas, and have completed mechanical and electrical erection works for modern plants with six stage pre-heater and rotary kiln with three substations. Scope includes Erection and commissioning of electrical system for integrated cement plant with one million per annum clinker. Manufacturing capacity with six stage pre-heater up to 135 meter elevation. Completed electrical plant installation and testing for cement plant including power and control cabling, earthling, motor control centers, EHV power intake point such as outdoor switchyard or GIS. Erection of structural steel work and mechanical plant tabulated at site with machinery such as vertical mills, ball mills, cyclone separators, clinker coolers, homogenizing silos, cement silos, weigh bridges and other ancillary plant. Erection and commissioning of material’s handling system such as conveyor belts, air slides, screw covetous, stackers and recliners.

Powerrich has executed mechanical works and electrical systems for Fertilizer plants. Scope includes heavy equipment erection both static and rotary, pressure vessel including precision welding for pressure vessels.


Flue Gas Desulphurication (FGD)

At Powerrich Engineering, we specialize in Flue Gas Desulfurization (FGD) and is a cornerstone of our services. We have extensive experience and success in FGD installation and commissioning. We bring decade of experience to the table in FGD. Our team consists of highly qualified engineers and technicians with a deep understanding of FGD systems. We hold industry-recognized certifications and continuously invest in training to stay at the forefront of FGD technology. FGD is crucial for environmental compliance and offers several benefits:
Emission Reduction: FGD systems significantly reduce sulfur dioxide (SO2) emissions.
Improved Air Quality: FGD helps in mitigating air pollution.
Regulatory Compliance: FGD systems help industries meet stringent environmental regulations.


Plants Shutdown

We provide extensive planning for year-round Plant maintenance and services. Every plant is stopped to perform important major maintenance activities, re-pairs and replacement jobs which are not possible during usual operation. The savings on operating costs of a plant is linked to the efficient running of equipment for longer time and avoiding unpredicted shutdowns. The Plant Shutdown maintenance requires effective planning and teamwork to complete maintenance activities within specified period. Powerrich is fully equipped to deliver reliable cement plant maintenance, gas tur-bine maintenance, repairs and overhaul services, on-site or in-house, day or night.